Kay Konecna

THE VENN collection SS 19

Debut collection of Kay Konecna, ‘The Venn’ is a part of a greater narrative about fictional worlds, parallel universes and the bridge between reality and dreams. Named after Venn diagrams, the collection draws inspiration from the crossover between man-made, mechanical and natural worlds.

The technique Kay uses to create her pieces is based on hand piercing a sheet of metal in a precise pattern that allows the piece to expand from flat into multidimensional. Each line, its shape and length determines what volume the finished piece would have. This technique has both functional as well as aesthetic role - it mimics the appearance of circuit boards while allowing the pieces to form organic, natual forms. The final piece has a characteristic sparkle due to the multifaceted volume.

‘The Venn’ is made from sterling silver and gold vermeil.

Ring sizes are measured using EU system (the circumference of the inner edge of a ring in milimeters).

Every piece can be made to order in a choice of metal and the lead time is up to 4 weeks.


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