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Melissa Curry BYOS

Melissa Curry is internationally renowned for her innovative jewellery designs. Her new brand BYOS (be your own self) is worn by some of the most high profile women in the world including Michelle Obama, Arianna Huffingto (Huffington Post), Saoirse Ronan even Oprah as well as by international athletes.

BYOS (beyourownself) is very much inspired by Melissa's own life experiences, her successes and human challenges. This collection is gifted and worn as positive affirmation for women who are living and overcoming challenges, professional, personal, mental or physical. Spearheading the collections is the powerful SUCCESS amulet, designed as a smart companion to energise and support you every day. 

The little bar - shaped from a bar bullion - is often referred to as “the little bar of strength, that a women wears wherever she goes”. This collection is designed to boost your inner strength, when you need it most.