Cluster Ring

Cluster Ring


This gem of the galaxy is representational of a star cluster which is gravitationally bound. An object of intrigue, it’s impossible to not interact with this tactile creation. Beads dance and move with the wearer and there is a pleasing, accompanied rustling sound. Designed to elevate the wearer’s hand, it is a striking focal point to detract or attract attention.

The ring is compromised of several laser cut components which have been hand crafted into a fabricated structure to contain the bespoke laser cut acrylic beads and smaller glass bead.

Available in four different UK ring sizes - H, K, N and Q. The total height of the ring is 5cm - standing tall enough to be noticed but small enough to be comfortably worn. This is more of an occasion ring and calls out for centre stage much like a cocktail ring; accessorise with a statement cuff or statement earrings.

Each piece is either made from carefully selected industrial offcuts of Perspex destined for recycling within Perspex’s closed loop recycling system or Green Cast 100% recycled and 100% recyclable acrylic sheets which also have a closed loop recycling system. At the end of the product’s life there is an option to return the product via free post so that it can be broken down into its various components and be recycled responsibly.

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