Comet Cuff

Comet Cuff


Streaming through the cosmos this cuff is for the bold and brave. It has a minimalist feel with a theatrical twist - one for the dance floor diva as it captures the movement of the wearer with its flowing long tassels. When the arms are extended the tassels hand down uniformly, giving the wearer a winged effect - for maximum impact one should be worn on each arm - ready for takeoff.

The cuff is made from a single laser cut component and is carefully heat formed by hand. The ribbons are individually hand stitched into place and are hand finished to prevent fraying.

This cuff has a wide opening and is designed to be worn higher up the arm. It can easily be taken on and off by turning the arm to reveal the narrowest side and by slipping it through the gap of the cuff. The gap measures approximately 3cm at its narrowest end. The cuff should then be pushed up the arm for a comfortable fit. Each of the tassels measure 30cm in length and when the arm is in its resting position the tassels reach the hand and possibly beyond, dependant on the fit. It is 5cms in height and is slightly wider at the top than the bottom so that it fits the contours of the arm.

Each piece is either made from carefully selected industrial offcuts of Perspex destined for recycling within Perspex’s closed loop recycling system or Green Cast 100% recycled and 100% recyclable acrylic sheets which also have a closed loop recycling system. At the end of the product’s life there is an option to return the product via free post so that it can be broken down into its various components and be recycled responsibly.

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