Cluster Chaos Cuff

Cluster Chaos Cuff


Residing deep in space this cuff comes with just a splattering of organic detailing, reflecting a fascination with fractal repetition. The detail gathers randomly and chaotically in organised form - just as it would in the vastness of space or at the cellular level of an organism. Every piece is as unique as the human wearer - with no two exactly the same but instantly identifiable as the same individual form.

All of the acrylic components are laser cut then the main body is carefully heat formed by hand. A range of bespoke laser cut acrylic beads are selected and methodically arranged to form the main detail. The detail grows organically and no two pieces are identical in this respect.

This cuff has a smaller opening than the other cuffs in the range and is designed to be slipped over the hand with the opening running alongside the outer edge of the hand when taking the cuff on and off. The internal circumference is the same size as a standard bangle at 6.5cm. It can be worn lower down the arm as a bangle without falling off of the wrist or for the more daring as a tight fitting statement cuff higher up the arm. It is 5cms in height and is slightly wider at the top then the bottom so that it fits the contours of the arm if decided to be worn higher up.

Each piece is either made from carefully selected industrial offcuts of Perspex destined for recycling within Perspex’s closed loop recycling system or Green Cast 100% recycled and 100% recyclable acrylic sheets which also have a closed loop recycling system. At the end of the product’s life there is an option to return the product via free post that that it can be broken down into various components and be recycled responsibly.

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