Cosmic Ray Earrings

Cosmic Ray Earrings


These high energy subatomic particles - travelling almost at the speed of light are here to adorn the ears in spectacular fashion. Originating from outside of the solar system these iconic pieces shower and collide - rarely reaching the ground for those with their heads in the air. Super light weight, with a larger than life presence, for ears that want to be heard. 

Each earring is comprised of nine individual laser cut components which are riveted together with wilful precision. Sterling silver posts and scrolls are used for the most delicate of ears. 

At 10cm high and 7cm wide at the widest point these earrings could be seen as a challenge for even the most seasoned earring wearer but as they are so ultra light in weight you can take a break from convention and go all out. As an alternative to the earrings there is also a matching thicker set pendant or necklace which hangs comfortably on a silicon cord. 

Each piece is either made from carefully selected industrial offcuts of Perspex destined for recycling within Perspex’s closed loop recycling system or Green Cast 100% recycled and 100% recyclable acrylic sheets which also have a closed loop recycling system. At the end of the product’s life there is an option to return the product via free post so that it can broken down into its various components and be recycled responsibly

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