About Us


Welcome to Seekd!

Sustainably made, Seekd style...we are the alternative market place to find ethically made jewellery and accessories.


Why choose Seekd?


Did you know 33% of us spend money with brands that have a positive social or environmental impact?

Or that sales of ethical products in the UK have risen for the 14th year in a row (and are growing faster than non ethical brands?).


As we ask more questions and want to know the story behind our most treasured pieces, Seekd is here to showcase how and where these amazing accessories are made.


We make it easier than ever to make positive shopping choices.


And we’re not alone - artisans, jewellery designers and accessories brands want to tell you about their products too.


Being a part of a community that has a vision thats focused on the ethical and social aspects of design. It really feels like the missing component for me that makes everything designed and crafted purposeful and rewarding. Tonya O Hara, Seekd supplier


Our designers


All of our designers are also on a personal mission to give back and create a better way of shopping.


So what makes them a great fit for Seekd?


Our designers:

■     Use sustainable materials - like Praba 750 who use recycled gold to raise awareness of unsustainable mining practices and Tonya O’ Hara who makes statement jewellery from salvaged or recycled acrylic

■     Use eco-friendly alternatives to traditional materials - like Jessica Russell Flint and Co who make accessories out of vegan leather

■     Ensure fair trade and work with ethically sourced and traceable natural materials such as KASHKA jewellery who make quality jewellery made by small family businesses who pride themselves on authenticity and Untold Jewellery who only use ethically sourced materials to elevate the well being of the miners and producers involved in the supply chain

■     Support empowerment and wellbeing whether through philanthropy or investing in skills - like Juta Shoes who teach shoe making skills to underprivileged women in London and Snazzy who’s products are handmade by Artisans in an ethical partnership, across developing countries


At Seekd, we’re not here to tell you buy everything. We support a smaller, quieter revolution of making and investing in things that you’ll love forever.


We’re about zero clutter, minimalism and reducing our consumerism so we want to help you find the perfect piece of jewellery or the best fit bag.

We handpick our designers and work with them on small collections, limited editions and curate monthly collections of the most stunning pieces, to make it easier for you to get to the good stuff.