Seekd’s Pillars


Along with being a sleek, curated marketplace for sustainable jewellery and accessories, Seekd also focuses on authenticity and transparency to ensure all the products are ethically produced. To make sure Seekd is providing a platform for emerging ethical designers, we focus on five important pillars to build a foundation on. Seekd’s designers and brands are handpicked from the best in the United Kingdom and beyond, and each do one or more of the following:

  • Working with Fairtrade or ethically accredited factories, workshops and co-ops.

  • Using sustainable or recycled materials.

  • Using eco-friendly alternatives to traditional materials.

  • Supporting local communities through social impact programmes.

  • Supporting empowerment and wellbeing, whether through philanthropy or investing in skills.

Throughout this blog series, we’ll put the spotlight on each individual pillar and explain why each is so crucial to Seekd’s ethos.


Our designers work with Fairtrade or ethically accredited factories, workshops and co-ops.

When you purchase a gorgeous new ring or pair of earrings, it’s so important to consider the journey it has already undertaken from the raw materials to your front door. We want to promote transparency, fairness and ethical treatment of the workers and makers behind the scenes.

What is Fairtrade?

‘Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.’ - Fairtrade


Fairtrade ensures that workers are paid a fair, sustainable price and tackles injustices in trade. By supporting and opting to buy Fairtrade products, buyers ensure that workers are being given the best opportunities for their work and home lives.

Fairtrade focuses on the following key areas:

  • Creating a good standard of living for workers, with income and food security, and less vulnerability to price changes.

  • Building stronger businesses within the supply chain.

  • Protecting workers’ basic rights, safe working environment and right to join a trade union.

  • Encouraging environmentally sustainable production, promoting training for farmers and advice on switching to eco-friendly practices.

  • Challenging unfair trading practices and empowering workers to take control.

  • Working towards gender equality, giving women workers more recognition, visibility and value.

  • Ensuring farmers produce high quality products in bigger quantities to increase their earning potential.

  • Helping communities by providing better access to basic services.

To read more about Fairtrade’s work, hop over to their website.

But… what does this have to do with Seekd?

When buying collectible pieces that carry long term value such as jewellery and accessories, we want our consumers to know the people creating them are being treated fairly.

  • Kashka’s stunning pieces are created by a small family business, with no child labour, no harm to the environment, no mass-production, and no unfairly paid miners and makers.

  • One of our incredible new scarf designers, Riona Treacy, ensures that nothing is mass produced, and she works closely with her suppliers to ensure the staff have impeccable working conditions.

  • Snazzy’s gorgeous products are made from upcycled materials by artisans in an ethical partnership, across developing countries including India, Morocco and Kenya.

  • In need of some new espadrilles? Juta Shoes provide supported, flexible, well-paid employment to local women who face barriers to work.


Seekd are here to help you invest in fairly produced, quality items that you’ll love for a lifetime. Keep your eyes peeled on the blog as we delve into our other four crucial pillars throughout the rest of the year.

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