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Smateria is an ethical and sustainable fashion accessories brand with a deep-rooted interest in innovation, design and sustainability. Founded by two adventurous Italian women with design and marketing expertise, Elisa and Jennifer, Smateria defies convention by using unusual and recycled materials to create a whole new perception. Materials such as repurposed fishing net (NET Collection), recycled plastic bags (REMIX Collection), or upcycled leather offcuts (DIVA Collection) are re-imagined to create unique, stylish, and sustainable bags and accessories.

But our passions go beyond creating unusual designs. Our mission is to create a safe, happy workplace where Cambodian women are given space to thrive. We support our women artisans by offering free onsite preschool and daycare facility for their children, as well as English lessons, double maternity, family support leave, health insurance, savings accounts, and training to develop their skills and careers.


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